Acoustic absorbent decorative material

Acoustic absorbent decorative material

Technical Data

Technical Data
  • Absorbent material: Acustifiber F.
  • Performance: Absorbent.
  • Finish: Fabric. Colours to choose from standard colour range.
  • Dimensions: 575 x 575 mm. Or 585 x 585 mm. According to the existing ceiling grid profile type. See “Order example” page 2/2.
  • Thickness: 75 mm. Weight: 0.8 Kg/Ud
  • Fire resistance:
    – Stuffing: B s2 d0 in accordance with AITEX Nº 14AN2697.
    – Fabric: B s1 d0 in accordance with AITEX Nº 14AN2696.
  • Acoustic absorption Acustiart-50: APPLUS Nr. 11/4191-2913. Test realised in configuration of false ceiling.
  • Particulate emission (VOC): Classification A+



Assembly Instructions


Ceilings with standard visible profile
To replace the existing panels a previous acoustic and acoustic study must be carried out on the amount of panels which have to be replaced to obtained the results expected. The Acustiart-3D panel is installed exactly the same as a standard panel inserting the panel diagonally and once it is in on the upper part it can rest on the profiles.

We recommend handling the panels with your hands clean or protected with gloves.


Diagrams / Plans

Sample of fabrics
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Product Data Sheet

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