Decorative Sound Absorbing Circular Panels

Decorative Sound Absorbing Circular Panels

Technical Data

technical data
  • Estructure: Aluminium.
  • Absorbent stuffing material: Acustifiber F.
  • Finish: Fabric. Standard range of colours.
  • Performance: Sound absorber.
  • Thickness: 50 mm.
  • Acustiart-C weight – 50: 4kg/Ud
Decorative Sound Absorbing Circular Panels

Dimensions / Pictures

Decorative Sound Absorbing Circular Panels
Decorative Sound Absorbing Circular Panels

Assembly Instructions


Acustiart-C acoustic panels are extremely delicates and should be handled with the utmost care. They are supplied with a plastic cover to avoid damage during transportation, handling and installation. This plastic should be removed and care taken not to use sharp objects which might damage the fabric. The product is relatively heavy and two workers should be employed for handling purposes.

Anchoring with hooks: Make the holes in the wall for hooks anchoring. Fix the hooks to the wall by using appropriate anchors. Hang the Acustiart-C panel by introducing the hooks xed to the wall to the holes in the rear face of the baf e. Verify that the Acustiart-C panel is leveled.
Drill and insert the peg (1). Screw the lag (3) so that it goes through the xing piece (2). Already tightened, screw the xing piece (4) to which we have previously introduced the steel cable (5). The cable will be introduced in order to cross the xing piece (6). We will press the button to release the cable and we’ll let it go to the desired length.
Recommended method especially conceived for Acustiart panel’s suspension on ceilings with “T” standard system pro les. No need to drill. We recommend to check the admissible weight limit and to reinforce it if necessary. For this, use the special clip for pro les (7) included in the “ceiling xing kit.”
Fabric Samples
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Product Data Sheet

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