Sound Absorbing Panels Special Shape

Paneles absorbentes decorativos

Technical Data

  • Estructure: Aluminium.
  • Absorbent stuffing material: Acustifiber F.
  • Finish: Fabric. Standard range of colours.
  • Performance: Sound absorber.
  • Thickness: 50 or 100 mm.
  • Acustiart weight – 50: 4.5kg/m². Acustiart-100: 6 kg/m².
  • Fire resistance: Stuffing: B s2 d0 in accordance with AITEX No 14AN2697. Fabric: B s1 d0 in accordance with AITEX No 14AN2696.
  • Acoustic absorption: APPLUS Nr. 11/4191-2915, 11/4191-2913 y 11/4191-2914. Test realised in configuration of false ceiling.
  • Particulate emission (VOC): Classification A +

Dimensions / Pictures

Acoustic treatment for a dining room area in offices.