Project Description



The project to be carried out by Acústica Integral is the refurbishment of office premises, where absorbent treatments necessary for a suitable acoustics in the different areas are to be incorporated as part of the construction process.

Absorbent acoustic treatments with Acustiart type Acoustic Panels by Acústica Integral will be applied. The absorbent objects will be installed on the ceiling and walls, with the particularity that some of them are glass walls. Thanks to the special fixing systems used by Acústica Integral, it is possible to treat glass surfaces with acoustic materials, thus allowing these to incorporate absorbent acoustic materials.

The aim, as in most cases, is to distribute the absorbent acoustic materials in a general way. The possibility of providing acoustic materials for glass is a very significant advantage opposite other market solutions.

Acoustic treatments in offices have the aim of achieving for the reverberation times inside treated premises to be within suitable value ranges to obtain low background noise levels in order to achieve a suitable degree of comfort to hold conversations at low levels. In addition, a high degree of intelligibility of words is also achieved, so that telephone conversations and conference calls will not be affected by disturbing noises that may interfere in the communication.

Thanks to the new generation of Acustiart type absorbent acoustic materials, high standard decoration levels can be achieved with materials intended for acoustic control.

Technical Sheet

  • Project: Absorbent treatment in offices.
  • Work No.: O02BC1700076
  • Sector: Construction. Offices. Meeting rooms.

Installation of the Product