Project Description


This is the typical case of a restaurant with interior finishes that do not favour the acoustic conditions of the premises, as they are hard, not very porous materials, and therefore the absorption of the noise generated inside is almost inexistent. This favours for the sound generated by the restaurant’s user to amplify because the noise generated by the diners themselves and the reflections that take place on the floor, ceiling and walls are added.
To compensate this acoustic effect, the client contacted Acústica Integral, which, after analysing the problem, reached the conclusion that the best way to reduce the effects of the lack of absorption and to integrate elements that match the decoration of the premises, would be to use Acustiart type absorbent elements by Acústica Integral.
It is decided together with the client to apply a design regarding size and colours that matches the aesthetics of the premises. Absorbent systems will be installed on the ceiling, by means of white rectangular Acustiart panels, so that they stand out against the black ceiling. A Collage type design was chosen for the walls, causing a visual effect by combining different sizes, thicknesses and colours.
The aesthetic possibilities of Acustiart become infinite for this type of applications, and it is the client who establishes the aesthetic aims, according to the absorbent acoustic needs of the premises.
Acústica Integral has carried out the absorbent treatment in a restaurant that had an excess reverberation with Acustiart absorbent or acoustic panels. We must bear in mind that the acoustic environment in the catering sector is a parameter that is increasingly more important, as can be the quality of the food and the attention received. The absorbent treatment of a restaurant with acoustic panels is a suitable method for this type of premises because it is not very invasive. Acoustic panels can be aesthetically integrated into any environment, without them interfering with the decoration, as they can be installed without having to conduct any works or refurbishment. They can be fitted on smooth ceilings, accessible ceilings, modular ceilings, etc. thanks to the steel wire hanging system and fixing systems adapted to the base element receiving the fixing. The possibility of being able to separate the acoustic elements from the existing ceiling ensure a wider frequency response and achieve for the absorption to work properly for each type of voice.

The result after applying the treatment allows maintaining conversations at very low levels, facilitating the privacy between the guests and allowing them to enjoy a satisfactory experience.

Technical Sheet

  • Project: Absorbent treatment in a restaurant with ACUSTIART.
  • Ref: S05MA1500675
  • Sector: Construction, Catering, Restaurants.

Installation of the Product

  • Acustiart panels for ceiling.
  • Suspension mounting on ceiling.
  • Suspension through support kit for ceilings.
  • Acustiart panels for walls.